Version 1

  • GDPR
  • All personal data stored by RTN will be gathered, held and maintained in accordance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation; coming into force 25 May 2018.


  • Personal information held
  • We keep personal information on service users and volunteers.  This personal information is simply contact details; names, address, telephone number/s, email addresses.
  • Information gathering
  • Over a limited period of time the accuracy of information currently held (see date below) will be
    • checked for accuracy.
    • In addition, each person will be asked to confirm that they approve RTN  having their information help and for the stated purpose of communicating (eg receiving  newsletter and receiving the weekly newspaper)
  • Records will be kept by the Committee Secretary (CS) and the Client Coordinator (CC) of these approvals stored in a safe place
  • Access to information
  • The volunteer information is maintained (collected and updated) and stored by the CS as a list.
  • The Service User information is maintained (collected and updated) and stored by the CC as a list
  • All members of the elected Committee have access to the lists to enable them to carry out their responsibilities.
  • Contact details of all volunteers are displayed in the Studio – to facilitate contact by any member seeking a replacement, etc
  • Service users addresses are on spare pouches and spare pouch labels in the Studio to facilitate efficient dispatch
  • Information storage security
  • The two lists maintained by the CS and the CC (1 and 2 above) are kept on two separate computers – being personal property of the Secretary and the Client Coordinator – each protected by good quality Internet Security software.  The files are safe-guarded by using up-to-date strong passwords known only to CS and the CC using symbols and lower and upper case letters.
  • The contact details (3 above) are in the studio; a locked room used exclusively by RTN volunteers and Rugby Thornfield Board of Trustees.
  • The service user pouches (5) are kept in the studio – further secured by being kept in a locked wooden box.
  • The service user spare pouch labels (5) and all other service user contact details in the Studio are kept in a locked filing cabinet.  These are accessed only by the cleaning and the dispatch teams.
  • Information use
  • The data in each case is used only for communication of relevant information about the activities of the RTN and not fund-raising.
  • Committee members will be made aware of this policy and kept aware of any changes.
  • Information sharing
  • Under no circumstances will personal information held by RTN be shared with any other individual or organisation.
  • Information retention
  • The data is kept only for as long as necessary.  When anyone ceases to be a volunteer or service user their data is removed permanently from the relevant lists and other secure places mentioned above.
  • Personal access
  • Should anyone on either list wish to see what is held it will be shown to them in a form that does not compromise the privacy of other people’s information. 
  • If they wish it to be removed then that will be done permanently
  • From time to time the accuracy of information held will be checked by asking individuals to review and amend the existing data held – done either by email or telephone.

Version;         v.1
Version date; 1 October 2018